Product Synopsis

  • Full In-House Project Specific Design for your Building requirements.

  • Full Multi-Physics Proving Threat Protection Analysis Bomb Blast Mitigation, Petro Chemical companies, EMP Systems, Specialist museum designs with valuable contents, special solutions for light without the risk of damage from ultra violet gain.

  • Passive Anti Terrorist Threat Protection against Bomb and Incendiary Devices with Fire Protection Enhancement to BS 476 pt 22 1987.

  • Complete Building, External and Internal Threat Protection.

  • Automatic Controlled Bomb Blast Double Entry Portal and Automatic Door Systems.

  • Stopping Compartmentisation between External Envelope, Floor Slabs and Internal Partitions/Screens, all to the same Threat Protection Client Specified Levels after the initial Bomb Blast Event.

  • Blast Proof & Fire Solutions - Products - Bomb Blast/Fire Protection


    Controlled Building Entry Systems - Bomb Blast Resistant


    Automatic, Bi-Parting and Swing Door Systems Blast Resistant

    Emergency Single and Double Door Systems - Bomb Blast Emergency/Exit, with Sequence Selection

    Single and Double Leaf Bomb Blast Resistant Manual Doorsets

    Options of Glazed or Panel Style, options of Over-Clad Oak

    White Oak

    All Bomb Blast Aluminium Doorsets are Polyamide Insulated

    Curtain Walling

    Passive Anti Terrorist 80mm wide Sightline, increasing to 100mm Sightline, dependent upon design protection threat assessment requirements against size and proximity of Bomb and Atmospheric Threat Pressure to design protection for, whilst at all times maintaining the Architectural Aesthetic appearance that belies the Hardening of the Building Envelope to protect the client.

    Passive Anti Terrorist Product Range

    Protection Against Bomb Blast Attacks with Fire Ensuing Protection

    Bomb Blast Resistance

    Doors - Bomb Blast protection with option of Integral Fire Ensuing Protection

    Manual and Automatic Door Entry Systems

    Bomb Blast c/w option of Fire protection Bi-Parting, Sliding and Swing

    Radar Activated option of Entrance Lobby/Portal Facility

    Bomb & Fire Performance Protection Panic/Exit Bomb Blast Exit Door Systems with option of Sequence Selection

    Windows- Bomb Blast Passive Protection with option of Integral Fire Solution.


    Tilt Turn.

    Curtain Wall + Atria, Rooflights and Walkways

    With full Compartmentisation, floor slab fire stopping with interface

    Option to Internal Screens.

    Fire Products Only Doors, Screens, Atria, Rooflights, Windows, Curtain Wall.

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