Petro/Bio Fuels Blast Protection

Working closely with major refining, storage, and now low carbon footprint fuels. Our range of dual (2) threat solutions, can be addressed by the portfolio of blast and integral fire protection, for fuel processors facilities, including plant and accommodation, BP&FS can offer a range of manual, and automatic door systems, which are also thermally insulated, for hazardous environments (arctic conditions), full window systems' with thermally broken glass double or triple glazed units, which offer blast protection, and ensuing fire protection to BS 476 pt 22 1987 (U.K. standards)

We can also offer custom blast and fire (stability/integrity with radiant insulation) to provide electrical safety pods, and human refuge areas.

Our design department will be pleased to discuss with you your passive protection BLAST and FIRE requirements, and can offer custom project specific solutions.

We are just a call away, with strong expertise in design, manufacturing and if required on site installation.