Protecting Critical Assets

BP&FS have tested and developed Bomb blast with Fire and Fire Radiant protection systems to protect Critical Assets, both on shore and Off shore, enhanced, with Smart Technology, reporting to the clients, or our own Command and Control Suites.Using the disciplines, of Heat Monitoring, Acoustic detection, Bio-Metrics / Iris recognition, pressure, Laser , ( non harmfull )...Radar / Infra red , to identify Threats/Risks, and report to Command and control suite within 1 second. In the Command and Control suite we provide an attention grabbing Klaxon audible alert, to ensure that Monitoring personnel, can swiftly activate the necessary passive or pro-active protocols in the fastest possible time. Our Portfolio of products provides soft and Hardened Perimeters which you can navigate to on this site, again the Smart Technology Enhancements can also be Tailored/Enhanced with the Clients Project Specific requirements. All BP&FS products a rigorously tested, and have proven to save lives. Any queries,?..Please do not hesitate to give me a call.