Mission Statement

The company specialises in the full design of a range of Passive Anti Terrorist Systems, offering High Threat Protection Levels of several atmospheres of pressure against Bomb Blast/Incendiary Events, reducing collateral damage, and thus saving lives with special manufacturing expertise and design in specialist glass, hot and cold steel formed products, stainless steel ( grades 316 and 304 ), and structural architectural proprietory systems, all to harden building envelops, and where necessary without compromise to client / design aesthetic design objectives.

Additionally, the products can be further enhanced to offer fire resistance, fire stopping and compartmentisation both externally to the Building Envelope, in the form of Curtain Walling (Glazed or Clad), Controlled Portal Blast Entry and Blast Door Systems, with Manual, Automatic, Bi-Parting, Swing and Emergency Break Out facility.

The Directors of the company have extensive experience of actual blast events in Northern Ireland and live arena bomb blast trials down to a stand-off range of 13mtrs from the military explosive devices, all as part of research and live proving trials.

This experience is coupled with sponsor's extensive Fire Test Programmes at the Loss Prevention Council to BS 476 pt 22, Acoustic, Ballistic and Severe Weather Testing, also Warrington Laboratories.