Hotel Anti Terrorist Bomb Proof Solutions

Blast Proof and Fire Solutions have both the expertise and technology to offer Hoteliers and Lodge Franchisers / Franchisee's , a programme of full Project Specific, Risk Assessment, Planning, Management, and Implementation of Counter Terrorist measures, ENHANCING THE SAFETY OF CLIENTS, both OVERT and COVERT, and to provide an example we offer below...

Marriot Hotel Islamabad

The case studys demonstrate Integrated Passive Anti Terrorist Protocols demonstrating the remarkable portfolio of products available from our principals  ' Safety Dynamics ' and ' Portendo ', which fully compliment our core business.

Disaster at Marriott Hotel


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Our detail enhanced protection solution after 3 attacks on the MARRIOTT HOTEL in Islamabad, which saw serious loss of life, was to conduct, a thorough Risk / THREAT assessment, including a full external survey, and add extra significant protection, by implementing the following;-

1) On the Highway outside the hotel, create approach ' Crawler Lanes ' for clients arrival and exit, this being achieved, by reducing the width of the Central Reservation, instituting Electronic ' Smart Surveillance 'Technology', additionally providing Sanitised Entry / Exit Checkpoints.

2) Apply the same disciplines for the Hotel's supplier entry / exit Protocols, again, utilising Smart Electronic surveillance.

3) Introduce a triple sandwich Blast Compound Wall, comprising HEAVY GRADE STEEL CASETTES, with a concrete re-inforced core, to defeat perceived severe Threat Levels..additionally an Inner similar discipline in the courtyard area, that denies CLEAR LINE OF ATTACK, to a hardened, but Aesthetically pleasing Hotel entrance, and hardened facade...ALL BOMB BLAST AND FIRE RESISTANT to BS 476 PART 22 1987

4) In this way, the stand off protection distances, from a given threat, are automatically increased..adding ENHANCED SAFETY...ADDITIONALLY... also Automatic Bomb Blast, Crash GATES, AND LINK EVERYTHING TO A CENRALISED COMMAND and CONTROL.


The tragedy at Mumbai has , like other Hotel attacks, awakened us all to the fact that Hotels Clients and Staff ... are ' SOFT TARGETS '.Therefore we at Blast Proof and Fire Solutions are constantly working to EXPAND the Technical envelop of Passive and Pro Active Counter Terrorism Technology, and integrating SMART TECHNOLOGY..Again, we offer full Risk Assessment...