Defeating Terrorism - Unwelcome Visitors From The Sea - Pro-Active Protocols

This writer has long been concerned about London's exposure from UNWELCOME VISITORS Sub /Surface deployed, with a mission of EVIL DEATH and Destruction to UK's Capital, and other major infrastucture ports.

The writer's PORT OF KARACHI on site 2008 /2009 survey, risk assessment, and PLAN recommendations, ( in part only for obvious reasons ) are attached....Terrorists left Karachi, and travelled to Mumbai, where horrendous murderous atrocities were inflicted upon innocent people.

It is my contention, that since World War 2, we have forgotten hard learnt lessons, Take for example..a very sad and tragic attack on the American Warship ' THE USS COLE ' in Yemen Harbour, no protection whatsoever, as the attack was pressed home. What about netting..what about Smart Netting, which can be detailed, as in the case of Karachi, to look after the Turtle population.

Standard operating procedures of surface, and subsurface Protection Protocols, have largely been forgotten, and there seems to neither be the will or the money, until its too late.

Investment Bankers told me , after Gerald Fitzgerald, and Margaret Thatcher signed a peace accord at Hillsborogh Castle, that the Disciplines we offer, are no longer needed.......History needs to be our barometer, for the UK, and all our friends.....Yes follow the Money, if you can, otherwise organisations, privately funded , exercising REAL DUTY OF CARE, and constantly Challenging the Perceived Wisdom, and moving the envelop, critically important, as the THREATS will increase in sophistication..therefore we are committed, to Best Practise, funding, and proving that practise, by experience NOT THEORY.