Anti-Terrorist Military / Critical Civilian Infrastructure and Force Protection, Retro-Fit Building / Compound Enhancement To Defeat RPG 7 and Mortar Attacks

Blast Proof and Fire Solutions demonstrate an actual case study over 5 drawings, implementing defense against Rpg7 and Mortar Stand Off Attack, offering Turn Key PASSIVE, AND ' SMART TECHNOLOGY'', AGAINST MOVEMENT SENSOR INTRUDER DECTITION, TRI-ANGULATION, AND DAY / NIGHT 360 DEGREE CAMERA Tracking, reporting to our Command and Control Remote Centre within 1 second, EQUIPPED WITH HIGHLY SOPHISTICATED Software, Video Wall, for overall Situation Awareness, security staff Monitors, and Real Time Network DVD VIDEO RECORDING 7/24 HOURS, WITH BACK DATE SEARCH, 60 DAYS, TIME, DATE,AND CALENDAR CONTROL.