Border Guard Posts

We specialise in the design of Hardened Border Guard Posts, comprising twin skin steel cassettes, creating a cavity, into which concrete is poured.

We also design the foundations, and holding down kit for our clients.

This construction will defeat an RPG 7 from 30 Mtrs STAND OFF RANGE.

As the images show, the guard posts and be armoured, with 50 Caliber Browning, or similar equipment, with a C.R.O.W.S. protocol system, providing maximum protection for security personnel. Each post can feature satellite communications, with links to Command and Control, and feature independent power source.

The Sentri system can also be deployed, featuring Acoustic tri-angulation, to identify the exact position of gunfire within 4/10th's of a second, reporting automatically to the post, and Central Command and Control..without any human intervention, thus offering the highest possible speed of response, to any threat.