Bomb Blast Curtain Walls And Atriums

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Bomb Blast and Fire Solutions offer Custom Project Specific Bomb Blast Curtain Walls both in Glass, or Panel In -Fill options, and Atriums, with the following KEY FEATURES;-

- Specialist Design Framework, proven by LIVE BOMB BLAST ARENA TESTING, supported by Multi Physics proving modeling and calculations, available in precision Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, or Proprietory Extruded Aluminium Alloy, offering protection to several ATMOSPHERES of Pressure, duration, Impulse, and arrival times.,then an ENSUING FIRE.

- LARGE ENGINEERING SPANS, WITH OPTIONS OF SECRET HYDRAULIC DAMPING, and other specialist features, offering even further PROTECTION against the Terrorist, particularly with a BOMB BLAST COCKTAIL of THREATS,...

- FULL FIRE CERTIFICATION TO B.S. 476 part 22 1987 or ASTM Standards by Accredited Certificated Laboratories by recognised Third Parties, and Government Agencies, and Insurance Companies.

- For Airports, and other major facilities;- Acoustic Insulation Noise Controls to B.S..EN. ISO. 140 or ASTM THIRD PARTY ACCREDITED Laboratories.

- STRUCTURAL SILICONE BONDING, both to Primary frame, and sealing with custom arrangements of the Glass, or Panelling System, offering Bomb Blast, and Fire Resistance

- Bomb Blast Portal Entry Automatic Door Systems