BP&FS Anyi-Terrorist Bomb Blast And Fire Windows And Defence Doors

Bomb Blast Live Arena testing in Scotland.The photoghaph shows the fixed light over Tilt Turn window, with our secret armoured Multi Locking system, after Explosion detonation at a range of 13.0 Mtrs.

I you look carefully at the ground, you will see NO BROKEN GLASS WHATSOEVER..Broken and flying Glass, is of course a major collateral threat to Lives, wether a positive or negative pressure is applied ( 14 one millionth's of a second arrival times are typical !,) and that the Technology of the frame, is sophisticated to deal with the Blast, Kinetic Energy, which Window safety films under negative pressures cannot achieve, or the high safety Threat Pressure Level, which the dangerous times demand of modern Defence Doors etc., and with films, should a fire occur, there is further potential risk, hence below you will see a typical fire test to BS 476 part 22 1987, providing clients with Dual threat protection, of a Blast / Bomb, followed by steep time / temperature curve to 1200 degrees Celsius.

Blast Proof and Fire solutions, are committed to proven Life Saving, by Best engineering of Defence Doors, and fully auditable proof of performance..NOT THEORY!.

Offering Dual Protection additional features of 120 minutes fire, Stability,Integrity, and Radiant Insulation, ALSO defeating 7.62mm ballistic Rifle Fire.

Excellent applications for Civilian OIL and Gas facilities, where COMPARTMENTISATION, coupled with ' Means of Escape, are essential Health and Safety Issues for all Fire Proof Solutions.