Why we still need bomb blast protection and airport protection

Terrorist attacks are still a very real threat in this country - which is why we at Blast Proof Fire Solutions are kept busy supplying Bomb Blast Window ranges, Blast Proof Door products and airport protection wherever it's needed.

Blast Proof Fire Solutions design and install a full range of bomb blast protection, both internally and externally. We offer high threat protection blast proof door ranges, bomb blast window products, and perimeter airport protection across the whole of the UK.

What does a blast proof window and door do?

The worst injuries from bombings come from two areas: flying glass and debris, and incendiary effects. Bomb blast protection is all about making sure that, if a bomb did go off, injuries of this kind would be kept to an absolute minimum - even in crowded areas.

At Blast Proof Fire Solutions we offer building and airport protection for both internal and external areas - anywhere the public congregate is a potential target. A bomb blast door or window from us is designed to be aesthetically pleasing, yet prevent the terrible injuries associated with glass blow-out, steel shards and fire.

Our blast proof door and blast proof window products protect everybody - everywhere

Anyone can be the target for a bomb attack. We supply bomb blast protection to police stations, government institutions, shopping malls, military installations and hotels.

Most terrorist attacks are aimed at the general public - perceived to be an easy target. Our high threat blast proof door and bomb blast window protection makes sure this is never the case.

With Christmas coming up, we need to be vigilant. Our bomb blast door products ensure shop fronts and hotel areas don't become death traps, while our Airport Protection options ensure the terrorists will never reach their intended targets - the innocent public.

The design of our bomb blast window and blast proof door range

Our bomb blast protection offers high protection against both incendiary and blast devices. A bomb blast door and windows offer protection to several atmospheres of pressure, saving lives and minimising collateral damage.

Our bomb blast window and door ranges are made from specialist, blast and fire-resistant glass, hot and cold steel formed products and high grade stainless steel. Our airport protection systems are built to harden building envelopes, without compromising aesthetic values.

A bomb blast door and window offers fire protection

Fire is a very real threat, whether incendiary or conventional devices are used; airport protection especially has to take this into account. So our blast proof door and blast proof window products can be further enhanced to add fire resistance.

We offer a full range of airport protection in the form of a fire stopping bomb blast door; curtain walling - with or without a blast proof window, and Controlled Portal Blast Entry and blast proof door Systems.

Our blast proof door range is built to a range of designs

These include automatic, manual, swing, bi-parting, and emergency break out options. Our fireproof bomb blast protection is available internally and externally, with every bomb blast door available as double or single door sets.

Their effectiveness was proven in the Forster Danube Centre, where they prevented a fire spreading to the interior of the shopping mall.

Portal Entry System bomb blast protection

The reason we supply both interior and exterior bomb blast protection is obvious: most terrorists try to gain entry to a building to do the most damage. While our blast proof window and fire resistant Bomb Blast Door options are a good idea, it's better if the attacker is not allowed entry in the first place.

This is why we at Blast Proof Fire Solutions offer a range of entry protection systems, including biometrics and face Recognition - all compatible with our bomb blast window and fire door products

A blast proof window for multiple threat locations

A bomb attack can happen anywhere - oil refineries and research facilities, for example, are hot targets. We offer protection against every type of threat - including environmental. As well as blast and fire protection doors, we design each thermally protected blast proof window for arctic conditions, and double or triple glazed bomb blast window systems with fire protection to BS 476 pt 22, for fuel processing facilities.

Our custom built bomb blast window and door ranges have been used to build radiant insulation rooms, electrical safety pods, and human refuge areas - whatever security measures we take, if terrorists are determined enough to attack us, they will.

This is why there is a continuous need for bomb blast door and blast proof window protection from us at Blast Proof Fire Solutions.